How Does Carpet Cleaning Work?

Before contacting a carpet cleaning service, you should understand how it works. There are several different processes that carpet cleaning collingwood use. These include Hot water extraction, dry extraction, and vacuuming. These different processes each have different benefits. They can also produce different results. In addition to the different cleaning processes, some carpet cleaning services also use spot-removal agents.

Dry extraction

When it comes to carpet cleaning, hot water extraction and dry foam cleaning are two methods used to remove dirt and moisture. The first one requires hot water, which emulsifies the soil and lifts it to the surface. Once the carpet is dry, the foam cleaning solution crystallizes, and the fibers will crack. While this method works well for commercial carpets, it is less effective for restoring damaged carpets. Hot water extraction is the preferred method for deep restoration cleaning, particularly for heavy soils. On the other hand, dry methods are more economical and appropriate for interim maintenance and less intensive cleaning.

Hot-water extraction

Hot-water extraction is a highly effective method of carpet cleaning that involves removing dirt from the carpet’s pile using a wet vacuum machine. This method has many advantages, including using minimal water and detergent. Plus, it can effectively remove even the toughest stains and ground-in dirt.


If you’re thinking of hiring a carpet cleaning company, you probably want to know how the process works. Whether your carpet is new or has been in your home for many years, it needs to be cleaned regularly. However, the frequency with which you should have your carpet cleaned depends on several factors.

Spot-removal agents

Choosing the right spot-removal agent is a crucial element in carpet cleaning. It should be able to remove the stain without damaging the carpet or rug. Before using a cleaning agent, it is important to pre-test it in a small area first. It’s also wise to follow the instructions on the bottle to the letter.


Pre-spray is an important step in the carpet cleaning process. It allows for better cleaning and more efficient soil removal. It has a fast dry time and is compatible with most carpet and upholstery types. It also works well as an interim spin bonnet cleaner and is CRI and Green Seal certified.

Heavy furniture

When you have heavy furniture in your home, the carpet cleaning process can be tricky. It will require you to move the furniture so that the cleaners can work around it. Luckily, some companies can help you move the furniture if needed.

Antimicrobial sanitizer

When it comes to cleaning carpet, you need to use a good antimicrobial sanitizer to kill the bacteria and other microorganisms that cause odors. Besides causing health problems, bacteria and fungi also ruin household materials and produce an unpleasant odor. Traditional disinfectants such as chlorine bleach are harsh on household surfaces and can cause discoloration. You need an antimicrobial sanitizer that is pH-balanced and non-corrosive. MediClean Disinfectant Spray is a non-corrosive, pH-balanced solution that is proven to be effective against odor and bacteria and is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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